Vented Gas Logs

Wow! They look so real!

Gas conversion is very popular due to the convenience of operation.

Gas Logs provide all of the good things about having a fireplace in your home without any of the hassles that come with burning wood. If you have a working wood burning fireplace and access to either natural or propane gas, you can create a warm environment to enjoy with your family. You will never need to worry about the mess that comes with using natural firewood. Lighting the fire can be as easy as pushing the “on” button of your remote or simply turning a knob. You get to choose how long the fire burns, use it for an hour or keep it going all day without having to add more wood.

Gas logs provide a beautiful flame display and some warmth for the room without the mess or hassles associated with wood burning fires. We have many log sets to choose from in a variety of sizes depending on your fireplace needs.

Vented Gas Log Gallery