From purchase to installation, we have been beyond satisfied!  The installers did an excellent job and were very professional!  They were very thorough in explaining the use of our stove, which was very helpful!  Thank you!

Nick M. – 9/26/2018

The employees at Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center were very professional!  The installers were very clean and organized.  I refer your company to everyone!

James K. – 9/25/2018

My experience with Fireside in Arnold, was outstanding!  I was very impressed that you came in and reviewed the layout of my project before construction.  You helped us find an issue and we were able to get it resolved quickly.  I loved your installers!  They went above and beyond the call, and explained exactly how to use our new product!  I am very pleased with my experience with and my purchase from your company!  Thank you!

Mike T. – 9/21/2018

We went into Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center, were waited on and had all of our questioned answered.  The project was completed very fast.  We have never had such quick and prompt service done on a project before.  Thank you from a pleased, happy, and more than satisfied customer (from beginning to end).  It was such a pleasure doing business with a company that has so much knowledge.  They were very timely and dependable.

Bill & Linda C. – 9/20/2018

Fireside in Arnold, was very prompt and have impeccable service!  They have such a friendly team; salespeople, installers, and service men.  We will definitely recommend your company to friends and relatives!

Anastasia A. – 9/17/2018

Our sales rep was so helpful and informative!  The installers that came to our house, were very nice.  They taught me exactly how to use my unit.  I am so glad that we chose to work with Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center!  We highly recommend your company to everyone!

Angie V. – 9/14/2018

We have made several purchases with Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center.  After we bought our hot tub, we told all of our neighbors about it.  They in turn, came and purchased one too!  Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center is a great company to work with!

Brandy A. – 9/13/18

Everyone that we worked with, at Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center, has been great.  Greg did a great job helping us pick out our gas insert.  We love working with your company and refer you to friends and family all of the time!

Greg F. – 9/10/2018

Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center far exceeded our expectations.  Your 1 on 1 customer service is superior!  Other businesses need to take cues from you guys!  I will be coming back very soon, especially for some Fireside rub and Freddie Lee’s Ghetto sauce!

Dennis C. – 9/6/2018

Fireside in Arnold is an amazing company!  Everyone that we worked with, was so friendly and helpful!  I have been bragging to EVERYONE!  We will definitely shop here again.  Thank you for making this a great experience for us!

Julie S. – 9/4/2018

The saleswoman, Tricia, was amazing!  She was so helpful and kind!  She made my shopping experience great!  And then to top it off, the installers did an outstanding job!  They cleaned up everything, including some dust bunnies!  I will definitely do business with Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center again.  I recommend your company to all of my friends and relatives.

Julie L. – 8/30/2018

The staff at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center were so friendly and knowledgeable.  They made my shopping experience so easy in choosing the correct fireplace for my room.  Thank you for all of your help!

John O. – 8/29/2018

It was a pleasure to talk with you, Ken and Becky!  You were very helpful and friendly.  You both made shopping fun and easy.  Thank you for making my shopping experience such a great one!

Nancy B. – 8/28/2018

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has a super knowledgeable crew!  Their installers were very friendly and professional!

Sarah W. – 8/27/2018

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has wonderful service, both while we were in the store and when they came to our home for installation!  Thank you!

Larry W. – 8/23/2018

The sales representatives at Fireside in Arnold were very knowledgeable of the product we were interested in.  They helped make our selection so easy.  This is our third purchase and we will definitely be coming back!  We love your store!

Jeannette L. – 8/17/2018

This changed our home environment!  It is so unbelievably wonderful!  Our fireplace is soothing, pretty, comforting, and practical.  We have never done a better thing for ourselves. The installation was hassle free and very professional.  All of the staff that works for Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center, dealt with us beautifully.  We are so old that it was not easy!  We show off our mew and improved room to everyone and tell them that your store did it!  It’s so impressive!  I really cannot thank you enough.  You took a fireplace that we never used (a spider-filled black hole) and made it into the focal point of our room!  Your prices were very reasonable.  You probably added time onto our lives by improving our personal environment so much!  Thank you!

Jane G. – 7/28/2018

Trish was awesome!  She did such a thorough job!  She was very knowledgeable about the product that we purchased!  We are so happy with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!

Anonymous – 7/16/2018

We loved Fireside from the moment that we walked in the store.  Everyone is so welcoming and inviting!  Your store has a great assortment of products.  The entire process was smooth.  The sales associates were so kind and knowledgeable.  We loved everything!  We especially loved your sweet dog, Blaze!  You truly have a fantastic business!  Keep it up!

Lisa D. – 6/28/2018

I was very pleased with everything, from purchasing to installation.  I wish that more companies were like yours. Your employees were very knowledgeable and friendly.  They were extremely helpful, from helping us make the right decision on our fireplace to the installers explaining how to use our unit.  Your employees definitely care about their customers!  We absolutely loved working with your company!  We refer Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to all of our friends and family.  Keep up the great work!

Anonymous – 6/13/2018

I was quoted a much higher price by a different company.  I really enjoyed working with Fireside in Arnold.  I will always refer your company to all of my clients and fellow agents.

Janet Z. – 5/8/2018

I was very impressed from start to finish.  Trish is wonderful!  Everyone that we talked with was courteous and friendly.  The entire process went very smoothly.  This was by far the easiest and most efficient work that I’ve ever had done on my home.  The installers were on time, efficient, and very knowledgeable.  The product itself, is amazing!  No one can believe it’s not a real wood fire.  Thank you!

Rebecca P. – 4/30/2018

From the time we walked in the showroom to the installation of our unit, we have been extremely satisfied. I felt confident that Fireside in Arnold knew their stuff and that they would get the job done right!  I’m excited to get started on our next project with you guys!  We highly recommend your company to friends and family all of the time!

Melinda B. – 4/25/2018

We were actually looking at a different product, which was more expensive.  After your salesman truthfully told us of all of the ‘pros and cons’, we chose a different one.  The product that we decided to purchase has been absolutely wonderful!  This product has added so much to our room!  We love our wall fireplace!  It adds so much atmosphere to our dining room.  Thank you to everyone who helped us with our decision.  We are so happy with the final results!  We recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to all of our friends.

Sam C. – 4/23/2018

Everyone at Fireside in Arnold was so helpful.  I really liked shopping for my grill at your store! You helped make this purchase an easy one for me.  Thanks for all of your help.

Mike K. – 4/18/2018

Everyone that we worked with was so nice and helpful.  Thank you to all of the employees at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.

Helen T. – 4/16/2018

We have always been happy with the services that we have received from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  Every product that we have purchased from this company, have all been outstanding.

Dave K. – 4/10/2018

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has outstanding staff!  They have high quality products!  I have been to your store multiple times over the past few years and I have always had excellent service.  Thank you!

H. Gebhardt – 4/5/2018

The service that we received was great!  Our installers were fantastic!  We recommend Fireside in Arnold to all of our friends and family.

T. Surdyke – 4/4/2018

Greg was exceptional!  He was very professional, knowledgeable, and was eager to help us.  All of your installers were so friendly and helpful.  They arrived on time.  They put down protective material and cleaned up when they were done.  It was such a pleasure working with Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center!  We recommend your company to everyone that enters our home.

Michael M. – 4/2/2018

I have been very happy working with both Greg and Ron!  They are both very knowledgeable and responsive!  I highly recommend them and Fireside in Arnold.

B. Langeneckert – 3/6/2018

I loved all of the options that were available in the showroom.  The staff at Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center are very friendly and knowledgeable.  I have already told several friends about your store and will continue to do so.  I absolutely loved working with this company!

Anonymous – 3/5/2018

All of your employees were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  We really enjoyed working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!

Jim F. – 3/2/18

Everything that we have experienced with Fireside, in Arnold, has been excellent!  Your company, as well as all of your employees, are such a pleasure to work with.  We recommend you guys regularly to friends and relatives.

Diane W. – 3/1/18

We are very happy with the service that we received from Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center.  The product looks absolutely amazing!  Your company did such a great job, that we recommend people to you all of the time.

Joe D. – 2/28/18

We had such a great experience!  Your staff is extremely knowledgeable!  We loved working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.

Valvo – 2/26/18

I purchased my product via phone.  The experience that I had with Fireside in Arnold, was fantastic!  Thank you!

Jason S. – 2/13/18

Everyone from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center, from the salesman to the previewer and installers were very professional!  Each one of them was very friendly and proficient.  I recommend your company to people all of the time!

Gary S. – 2/12/18

Tricia was fantastic!  She helped us on numerous occasions, regarding gas logs vs. insert, mantels & stone work.  We love our product and absolutely love working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.

Steve S. – 2/9/18

Installers were knowledgeable and respectful.  They worked hard and cleaned up all the mess.  They explained everything to us.  Our family members were happy with your fireplace products.  We all are very happy and will recommend your company to others!  We love our gas logs!  Thank you!

Joseph & Victoria B. 2/8/18

I really like our Heat & Glo fireplace.  Thank you for selling such quality products!  Your assistance in selecting the options was valuable.  I love my product!

Steve A. – 2/7/18

I was very pleased with Fireside.  They gave prompt attention to my concerns.  The personnel were very helpful.  I really enjoyed doing business with your company.

Ruth H. – 2/6/18

The salesperson, at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center, that helped us was very knowledgeable and friendly!  They were very helpful when explaining the product that we were wanting to purchase.  The install team was very friendly and experienced!  They did a great job installing our unit!  We are extremely happy with our purchase from start to finish!  We look forward to visiting your store again.  We refer people to you all the time!

Louis & Robyn H. – 2/2/18

Fireside in Arnold sells great stuff! They are very friendly.  They know all of the ins and outs of the fireplace world!  I recommend anyone to you that needs a new unit or service on their existing unit.  Fireside is great to work with!  I look forward to coming to your store again.

Kris K. – 2/1/18

The service that I received from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center cannot be beat!  They did an outstanding job on my unit!

Scott M. – 1/18/18

Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center did a great job on a difficult installation.  The product that they sold me is excellent!  Thanks again for the great service and for selling great quality products!

Gary M. – 1/17/18

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center did an excellent job!  We were very satisfied with our new gas fireplace!


We have purchased two stoves from Fireside.  We waited eight years to install the pellet stove.  You were so helpful to look up our records to purchase additional pipe that we needed.  We love working with your company.  Thank you for helping us get our projects done.  We love the end result!

Leger – 1/16/18

Shopping at Fireside in Arnold, was a great experience.  The installers were very professional and clean.  Working with Fireside was great!  Thank you all for making this project successful!  I recommend you guys all of the time.

Paul A. 1/11/18

We purchased the Noah electric fireplace from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  Our experience, from purchase to final product sitting in our living room, has been very pleasant and easy.  We purchased an electric fireplace and were able to assemble it within an hour and had no problems.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture!  We highly recommend your store and your products!

Gary & Linda K. – 1/10/18

I was extremely impressed with the young lady, Tricia, who was eager to help me.  She was very courteous, as well.  Ted came at the appointed time and was very friendly, courteous, clean, and knowledgeable.  Working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center, was a great experience!  Thank you!

M. Lewis – 1/9/18

I came into Fireside in Arnold and bought an electric fireplace.  I am so pleased with how realistic it looks!  I love shopping at your store. Thank you for selling quality products!

J. Nazzoli – 1/9/18

We had a wonderful experience shopping at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  The employees are all very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We wanted everything to look perfect.  Your company was able to pull that off for us.  We are very happy with our purchase!

S. Santa Cruz – 1/8/18

The gentleman who came out to measure, Ron, made my dreams come true!  He made it happen!!!!  The gas line was a problem, however, he figured out a way to install the fireplace that I wanted.  The installers and electrician were polite and respectful.  They cleaned up their mess and worked very quickly.  I am so happy with the end result!  I cannot recommend you enough to everyone that comes into my home.  Thank you!

Jan D. – 1/5/18

The Explorer I is phenomenal!  It is an incredible stove!  Al and Kevin, our installers, were competent, clean, and very courteous.  We could not be happier.  We truly enjoyed working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  We recommend your company all of the time to our family and friends.

Hal & Juanita S. – 1/5/18

The installer had some issues.  It took him longer than expected, but he was patient.  He did an outstanding job!  I came into Fireside looking for some help. Your staff was excellent.  they were very patient with my silly questions.  I appreciated all of the time that they gave me, in helping me with all of those questions.  My fireplace looks great.  I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Bob H. – 1/4/18

We never came in to Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center but we had a great experience!  The service that we received was amazing!  We love the way our fireplace looks, now.  Thank you for making look exactly how we wanted it!

Cheryl P. – 1/3/18

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has a very professional staff.  They are very knowledgeable and friendly.  We loved working with the sales people as well as the installers.  Everyone was great!

Terry B. – 1/3/18

We absolutely love your store!  Everything from the things sitting on the mantles, to the choices of fireplaces, barbecue grills, and accessories.  We always enjoying coming in to Fireside, the employees are so friendly.  We recommend your company all of the time.

Steve H. 1/2/18

Fireside in Arnold has very courteous service.  I like the way the maintenance was explained.  Thank you for employing such knowledgeable staff!  I look forward to working with your company again in the future!

Genevieve A. – 1/2/18

We purchased a fireplace for our patio.  Jeremy explained everything in detail, which we appreciated.  He made us feel like we were his only customers.  It is so nice that your company realizes that not every customer has the knowledge and/or background needed when making a purchase.  We really appreciated his attention to detail to ensure we had exactly what we needed.  I had called other places for information.  No one else would give me the time of day.  We love the logs!  And the installers were great!  We recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to all of our friends and family, all of the time!

Christy T. – 12/30/2017

The sales associate that we worked with was very friendly and knowledgeable.  She showed us all of the fireplace options that were available to us, which also included the colors of the frames and doors.  The installation went smoothly and the work area was kept clean.  We were provided with a full explanation of the automatic starter.  The installers answered all of the questions that we had, before leaving.  This is the second time that we have purchased fireplaces from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  Both times that we have purchased from you, we have received amazing service!  We recommend people every chance that we get.

Ray & Beverly L. – 12/30/17

I love this store!  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  When I had a problem with the size of the fireplace insert that I purchased, the problem was taken care of immediately!  Thank you for being so quick to help make things right for me!  I recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to everyone!  I look forward to working with your company again.

Linda M. – 12/29/17

Your salespeople were very knowledgeable and respectful.  They respected the concerns that we had prior to making our purchase.  We will always come back to Fireside for any of our future needs.  We continue to recommend your company whenever we can.

Larry W. – 12/28/17

We are very pleased with our product. The electric fireplace was even better than we expected.  Our fireplace was simple to assemble.  The wood around our unit fits like a piece of furniture in our room.  We love it!  Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has great quality products and amazing service!

Tom & Barbara B. – 12/28/17

The staff at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center was very helpful and knowledgeable about the Big Green Egg.  When we purchased our Egg, it was already put together for us.  The starter bundle was a nice touch and made things so convenient for my first use.  I love my Big Green Egg and use it quite often! My experience at your store was so great, that I have already referred a few friends.  Thanks again!

Rob W. – 12/26/17

We are so happy with our new fireplace!  Everyone that we worked with was very helpful.  We are very satisfied with the entire project!  We rave to our family and friends of how great Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has been with us.

Dan & Jenetta B. – 12/26/17

We were very impressed with the installation process.  They did a great job and paid great attention to detail!

Dan R. – 12/23/17

We had a great shopping experience at Fireside in Arnold.  Our installation went amazing!  We enjoyed doing business with Fireside.  We recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

John C. – 12/23/17

Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  They took extra time to address the unique safety concerns that I had.  I really enjoyed working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!

Dusty W. – 12/22/17

Overall, we had a great experience!  Your salespeople a very capable for our custom projects.  Thank you!

Dan K. – 12/22/17

The employees at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center were able to answer all of my questions and helped with knowledgeable insight.  We will be coming back for our future jobs!  Thank you!

Scott M. – 12/21/17

Great service!  Thank you!

Norman Y. – 12/14/17

We love the dog being there.  We also came on a busy Saturday to pick up a rather large item.  We were taken care of promptly.  We later found out, you don’t usually do large pick ups on Saturday.  Thank you so much for helping us out!

Karen Y. – 12/13/17

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center was much more reasonable than the other fireplace shops in the St. Louis area. We love our product!  It was such an easy purchase for us to make!

Susan P. – 12/12/17

This was our second big purchase from Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center this year.  Both of our experiences have been great!  The products are outstanding!  We are so happy with our decisions to purchase from your company.  We recommend Arnold Stove to all of our friends and family.

Debbie M. – 12/5/17

Fireside, in Arnold, has very knowledgeable salespeople.  They are very friendly and easy to work with.  We are so happy with the work that your company did for us.

Kate T. – 12/5/17

We love our new gas insert.  Everyone was so helpful, from salespeople helping us choose which fireplace would work best for us to the installation.  The inspector also commented on the quality work that Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center did in our house.  Thank you so much!

Gloria S. – 11/29/17

The salespeople were great! The installers were very professional.  They did a great job!

Rick D. – 11/29/17

Fireside in Arnold is outstanding!  The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.  You have done three installs for us in the past month.  Your installers are awesome!  As a general contractor, it is so refreshing to have people show up with a no problem, can do attitude!  Your installers are outstanding!  We recommend people to you all of the time.

M. Dinzebach – 11/27/17

We absolutely love our new electric fireplace!  Thank you for employing knowledgeable salespeople.

Randy K. – 11/27/17

We had a great experience working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  Everything exceeded our expectations!

Les & Joann N. – 11/21/17

I have nothing but good things to say about Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  Everyone in the store has been very helpful and friendly!

C. Nowicki – 11/20/17

We love our fireplace now!  Thank you for fixing it so that we can safely use it again.  The technicians got the job done before expected!  Thanks again for doing such a great job!

Kamren & Hillary M. – 11/15/17

This is just a short note to the owner, Ken, thank you!  Thank you for the lava rock and for the refund check pertaining to the work done on my mom’s fireplace.  I wanted you to know that your generosity, by way of the refund, became the answer to a prayer for someone in need.  That refund was passed on to someone who has been going through a very rough time, for quite a while now, and didn’t have the money to pay the bills.  Often we are unaware of where an act of kindness will lead.  You have helped make life just a little bit better, for someone that you have never met.  Thank you Ken!

Sandy & Joan – 11/15/17

We had a very enjoyable experience at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  When the installers came to our house, we had a few questions about maintenance and they were able to explain everything.  We wish that we would have installed a fireplace years ago.  Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!

Mike & Karen H. – 11/13/17

I love working with Fireside in Arnold!  Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable!  When I had questions, they got back to me right away.

Brandy D. – 11/10/17

We really liked the store displays and selections.  They are very beautiful.  All of the salespeople were very professional and knowledgeable.  We will be coming to Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center first for all of our future projects!

M. & C. Haverstick – 11/9/17

Jenn was fabulous to work with!  We love our fireplace.  Everything was super easy, with fabulous service, and very clean installation.  It was all top notch!  We recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to our family and friends.

J. & L. King – 11/7/17

Even though the insert that I have is 15 years old and is no longer available, you were able to track down the parts that I needed.  Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has great service!

A. Blumenberg – 11/7/17

Our salesperson, Jenn, was very helpful!  She was knowledgeable and told us exactly what we needed to know to make our purchase so easy.  Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has outstanding support!

Jay I. – 11/6/17

We love the electric fireplace insert that we purchased from Fireside in Arnold.  It does a great job of keeping our room nice and warm!

M. Speakes – 11/4/17

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center installed a blower on my gas fireplace.  I love it and it works great!  Thank you for all of your help so that I stay nice and warm this winter!

Terri D. – 11/2/17

Your sales associates are very knowledgeable.  They made my experience very smooth.  Everyone was very courteous.  This was a great purchase from a great company!

Robert M. – 11/1/17

I absolutely LOVE your store!  My experience was wonderful.  I bought an entertainment center with an electric fireplace inside of it.  I love it!  It is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but it also is very functional.  I recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to my friends and family all of the time.

Kelly H. – 10/31/17

The display set up at Fireside is extremely helpful!  Your set up helped in making my decision on which fireplace I wanted.  Thank you for making this an easy purchase for me!

Paul C. – 10/31/17

Everyone that works at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center is very friendly and welcoming.  I absolutely loved working with your business and look forward to visiting again soon!

Heather L. – 10/24/17

Our sales girl was the best!  I would come back just for her.  She knew all about the product and was very helpful!  We are so glad that we came into Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!  We are so happy with our finished product!

Ray P. – 10/24/17

Jenn could not have been any nicer and more helpful.  The installer that installed our gas logs was extremely helpful and most of all cared about our home.  He cleaned everything up when he was finished.  We enjoyed coming to Fireside in Arnold.  I bought my smoker from you as well.  Everyone is very helpful and kind no matter which person you work with.  I recommend your company to all of my friends and family.

Scott B. – 10/23/17

We were very pleased with the entire process.  We entered Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center, as novices. We were so educated and instructed without pressure of buying.  We did buy a gas insert before we left.  We absolutely love working with your company!

Paul & Sharon Y. – 10/20/17

The Fireside service technicians are always polite.  They clean up everything after they are done servicing my fireplace. They are great at explaining exactly what they are doing to get my fireplace ready for winter use.  Thank you for employing great employees!

Claude Q. – 10/20/17

I cannot say enough good things about my whole experience.  Jenn was extremely knowledgeable about the product.  The installers were very friendly and efficient.  They cleaned up everything, perfectly!  Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center has fantastic customer service!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their home.

Carol O. – 10/17/17

I am more than pleased with the experience that I had with Fireside in Arnold.  From the time that they quoted my project to the time of my install was amazing!  I love the finished product!  Thank you for getting me what I wanted so quickly!

Terri C. – 10/13/17

Jenn was so helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly during the design process.  I can’t praise her enough!  The fireplace turned out even better than I had imagined! I look forward to visiting Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center again soon.

Cyndi M. – 10/12/17

Fireside worked with us to install a fireplace insert into a fireplace that was a non-standard size.  The result looks great and works exactly like we wanted.  Thank you so much for helping us achieve the look that we wanted for this room!  We love it!

Steven & Sandy M. – 10/12/17

Every time that I walk into Fireside, I always have a great experience!  Thank you for having such great employees that make shopping in your store so enjoyable!

Oliver B. – 10/12/17

From the moment we walked in the door of your showroom to the install, we had a great experience!  We recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center to all of our family & friends.

Michael & Andrea G. – 10/9/17

Our salesperson, Nick, and the owner, Ken were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  Shopping at Fireside is an enjoyable and interesting experience.  Nick and Ken both made this purchase an easy one for me!  I look forward to my next visit!

Joseph M. – 10/9/17

Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center had great service and they made the process to install our fireplace so easy.  We really enjoyed working with them!

R. Gallagher – 10/6/17

Fireside was in touch with us with each step as they ordered and installed our electric fireplace.  They were very informative.  Thank you so much for making this an easy purchase for us!

Frank & Betty K. – 9/28/17

It is a joy to come to your store.  You have such great people working for you!  We had some problems and Fireside quickly scheduled and fixed them.  We look forward to doing business with Fireside again, soon.

~ Ed S. – 9/18/17

We are so impressed with the stone work that you did for us.  Thank you!  It looks great!

C. Colburn – 9/30/17

The installers were very polite and professional.  They were very thorough when explaining my fireplace and the functions on my remote.  The county inspector was very impressed with the product.  He was equally impressed with the gas line connection in the basement.  Overall, you guys did a fantastic job!  Thank you!

Ross L. – 9/27/17

Your company did a great job!  Thank you, it was painless!

G. Tomiser – 9/21/17

Our installation was fast and clean!  From sales people to installers, they are all very informative.  We are definitely lifetime clients now!

M. & J. Cox – 9/20/17

Fireside offers friendly, knowledgeable service.  Thank you for selling me a product that I understand how to use!  I also love that I can call with any questions and your staff is willing to help me.  Thank you!

Dotty C. – 9/9/17

My installation was amazing!  Your installers were great guys to work with!

Lisa M. – 9/8/17

Thanks again to the professional service and advice from Mike Kelly.  Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center is lucky to have him!

Kevin K. – 9/7/17

The service that I received was quite good!  Scott was willing to answer all of my questions, which I appreciated.  Thank you!

M. Talley – 9/7/17

I always have a great experience at Fireside in Arnold!

N. Rabbitt – 9/6/17

Jeremy was very helpful and made the process so easy.  Your installer, Dave, did an excellent job with my installation.  Kudos to the entire team who assisted from sales to install.  I love my product from Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center!

Kelly E. – 9/6/17

We have purchased several items from Fireside over the years.  Your customer service and your products are all top notch!  I tell all of my neighbors about Fireside when they are looking for products that Fireside offers.

Anonymous – 9/1/17

You have a beautiful store.  The layout has so many different ideas.  We will definitely refer you to our family and friends. Thank you!

D. Heutel – 8/28/17

The installation process was very efficient.  the installers did an excellent job!  I also called and got very helpful information from the person that answered my call.  Thank you!

Anonymous – 8/25/17

I really appreciated the prompt response to fixing the wiring problem that I had.  I look forward to using my smoker for quite some time.  I love my new smoker!  Thank you for selling great quality products & having such great service!

Kevin C. – 8/25/17

You have such a fun store!  I have nothing but good things to say about Fireside in Arnold!

Jennifer P. – 8/23/17

Your employees were very accommodating to us.  Thank you!

Rich M. – 8/22/17

I had a first class experience.  I am glad that I paid a little extra for the level of service that I received.  Thank you for all of your help!

Anonymous – 8/22/17

Jeremy is an awesome sales person.  He is very knowledgeable and will do anything to help.  He is one of the best sales people we have ever dealt with.  Thank you for making our purchase such a simple one!

G. Kaprelian – 8/15/17

Your staff is very knowledgeable and patient in answering all of our questions.  I can’t say enough how much I love working with Fireside in Arnold!


Everyone was very friendly and informative throughout the entire process.  We love our purchase and have had rave reviews from our family and friends.  Thank you!

Stephanie C. – 8/14/17

Our experience with Arnold Stove and Fireplace Center was very friendly, fast, and hassle-free.  I loved working with them!

C. Hercules – 8/14/17

We are definitely satisfied with the entire experience.  I was in the store several times and had a great experience every time!  I love my Napoleon grill!


We had a very good experience!  We will be visiting again very soon!  Thank you!

D. Kinder – 8/11/17

Everyone that I dealt with at Fireside was helpful, courteous, and did a great job!  Thanks so much!


We are so glad that our neighbors told us about your company.  Jeremy was extremely helpful and went above and beyond helping us with gas logs and fireplace front and doors.  He really made a difference helping us make the right choices.  The installers did a great job.  They were very clean with their work and clean up afterward.  They were helpful showing us how to operate and maintain our fireplace.  The county inspector said that Fireside installers are the best!  Fireside Hearth & Home staff and products far exceed the competition!

Greg & Pat K. – 8/11/17

Fireside sells excellent products!  They also provide excellent service.  Thank you for making this entire process a smooth one for me.  I will be a frequent shopper at your store.

Randy V. – 8/7/17

Fireside Hearth & Homes provide great service!!!!  I love working with them.

Bill C. – 7/31/17

We bought a BBQ grill from you.  The warehouse guys helped load our grill.  They were great!  Just keep up the great service you provide!

Paul & Sharon M. – 7/31/17

We love our new grill!!! We can’t wait to come back and visit Fireside for all of our grilling needs, from rubs to tools, you have it all!

Mark & Sharon P. – 7/27/17

You have a great team of folks that make up the Fireside company!  From the sales staff to the technician that installed, we had a great experience.  We love our new product!  Thank you for making this an easy and enjoyable process!

Jimmy P. – 7/27/17

The salesman that we worked with showed us various gas logs that we could choose from.  He was very professional and extremely helpful. Fireside is beautiful store!  We love our gas logs!

Paula G. – 7/18/17

Our salesperson, Nick, was great!  Our installers did a great job!  We had an amazing experience!  Thanks!

Jennifer R. – 7/3/17

Our installers, Kevin and Al, were very professional.  They did excellent work!  By using Fireside, our purchase and install were a breeze from start to finish!

Anonymous – 7/1/17

Dave went way beyond what we wanted.  He not only hooked up our gas line, but he hid it very well in our ceiling (not an easy task if you saw our ceiling).  He also cleaned up and got rid of unnecessary lines, so now our ceiling looks clean and great! Thank you!

Kevin S. – 6/29/17

The sales people were great!  They were very knowledgeable and courteous.  The installers did a good job of cleaning up and helping me understand more about my purchase when they were finished with the installation.  I had a great experience working with Fireside Hearth & Home.

Roxanne R. – 6/26/17

I had a great experience with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center.  I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Piotr K. – 6/24/17

I had a great experience purchasing doors for my fireplace.  There are so many options to choose from that it allowed me to find exactly what I wanted.

Tim M. – 6/21/17

Everyone at Arnold Stove is always friendly and knowledgeable!  They have great customer service and care about everyone that walks through their door.

Greg D. – 6/17/17

The sales people at Fireside Hearth & Home were very friendly and professional.  They answered all of my questions and concerns.

Chris Z. – 6/17/17

Greg was very patient and explained everything to us.  He answered all of our questions and offered all of our options.  We plan on returning for an egg when we do our patio.  Thank you for all of your help!  We hope to see you soon!

George A. – 6/14/17

This was a very big decision for us.  Jeremy made it easy.  We are so impressed with everyone of your employees, from sales to installation.  Your entire crew was terrific!  Fireside Hearth & Home is definitely our go to place!

Schwent – 6/6/17

We love our grill but our gas fireplace is FABULOUS!  It is absolutely perfect!  Thank you for carrying quality products that we know will work for years to come!

Slavkin – 6/5/17

I was impressed with how friendly and professional everyone was throughout the entire process, from entering the showroom & sales to delivery.  Thank you!

Sara H. – 6/2/17

From the time I walked into your store to the install, everyone was very professional!  Thank you for taking our ideas and bringing them to life. Thank you for the great stone work!  Everything looks amazing!  We love referring family & friends to Arnold Stove because we know they will receive great service.

Steve & Kim J. – 6/1/17

Great service & amazing products!

James L. – 5/25/17

We really appreciated Arnold Stove’s willingness to deliver our grill to our home on our schedule.  We will be visiting again for our grilling needs.  Thanks!

Mark & Debbie M. – 5/25/17

Fireside provided great service!  They sell great products!  Fireside has wonderful staff and an owner that’s kind of cool!

Bernard W. – 5/12/17

Fireside Hearth & Home sells quality products.  They have very friendly and knowledgeable employees.  We always have a very enjoyable experience.

Donna E. – 5/12/17

We have been with Fireside Hearth & Home for several years now.  We have never been more satisfied with a company’s care, follow-up service, & excellent personnel.  We recommend your company often!

Kay L. – 5/5/17

We had some issues with our install but working with your service tech, installers, and sales staff everything was resolved quickly with time to spare.  Thanks to your knowledge and expertise, everything went smoothly.  Thank you!

R. Musgrove – 5/3/17

The work that I had done was completed efficiently and the end result was exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you!

Ron P. – 5/2/17

We are always very satisfied when visiting Arnold Stove.  The employees are knowledgeable and friendly.  We always have a pleasant experience!  We look forward to our next visit.

K. & D. Wagner – 5/1/17

The installers were very professional.  They explained how to use the remote and also how I can better enjoy my fireplace.  Thank you for employing good people!

M. Metzner – 4/27/17

Our installer, Dave was punctual and respectful of my home.  He answered all of my questions and concerns about my fireplace.  I will be referring friends!

Anonymous – 4/26/17

I have so many reasons to come back to your store!  The staff was very friendly.  The amount of products to choose from was off the hook!

G. Snider – 4/25/17

I was pleased to be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff.  They helped me pick the right grill for my  needs with no pressure sales.  It was a very pleasant experience.  I will be back for all of my grilling needs!

Kris L. – 4/25/17

Greg was wonderful to with!  Fireside in Arnold has very friendly and helpful staff!  I have already referred some friends and family and will continue to do so because of my experience.

Jessica R. – 4/22/17

My salesperson was very prompt when I entered the showroom.  He was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.  I will be visiting again soon!

G. Cole – 4/11/17

We have never worked with such great people!  Everyone at Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center is great.  We love our fireplace!  It is beautiful!  It really was the finishing touch our room needed.  Thank you for such amazing customer service!

T. & S. Darmon – 4/7/17

I was very happy with the staff of Arnold Stove.  I was also very please with the product that I purchased from you.  Thank you for having my purchase ready for me when I came to pickup.

Thomas P. – 4/1/17

We have a corner fireplace requiring a front and a side door.  The side door didn’t fit.  Our installer, Dave, checked the measurements and called the manufacturer.  They had the correct dimensions but cut the door incorrectly.  They made a new door, which was then installed.  Dave was very meticulous in his work, which we really appreciated.  It is very rare to find this kind of work ethic these days.  He also did a great job cleaning up after he finished the installs.

Anonymous – 3/28/17

The installers were very professional, a real asset to your company.  The installers did a wonderful job installing our wood stove.  It was a pleasure working with Fireside!

G. & K. Stone – 3/28/17

Jenn was very sweet, informative, and patient with all of my questions.  she was helpful in providing great ideas with my design.  The installers were very professional and prompt.  They did an amazing job cleaning up!

A. Stalinski – 3/25/17

We were very impressed with your store, the layout was great!  Everything in it was very clean and well organized.  The service tech was very nice and knew exactly what he was doing.

B. Ervin – 3/25/17

Our sales rep was excellent!  We would go back again to your store just because of him!

Dustin R. – 3/25/17

We were thoroughly impressed with the promptness of arrival for our appointments.  Also, you have a great showroom!  Your sales staff is very helpful and professional.  We will definitely be visiting again soon!

Chris & Gene O. – 3/24/17

You sent me your A-team!  They arrived on time.  They were better than any crew I have dealt with.  They were clean, knowledgeable, and patient with me on how to use my fireplace.

Pat W. – 3/15/17

Your staff went above and beyond to help me and to make sure I was completely happy!  I will be recommending that all of my friends buy their grills, fireplaces, and outdoor furniture through you guys!

Stacy M. – 3/14/17

Your staff was very knowledgeable!  The installers were very friendly, clean, prompt, and did a great job!  Thank you Mike & Scott!

Denny W. – 3/10/17

Keep doing what you are doing.  You loved up to your word by pleasing me!  I will be recommending Fireside and Jenn!  Jenn went above expectations.  She is the best!

Dan Hagen – 3/9/17

You guys are Great!

Joe K. – 3/9/17

We were highly impressed with your store and the helpfulness and courtesy of your sales associates.  Sherry was so helpful explaining how to use the Egg.  We cannot say enough good things about Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!

J. Robinson – 3/5/17

My installer was prompt and polite.  He did a perfect job!

Lisa C. – 3/4/17

I was very satisfied with my purchase!  I will be coming back and recommending my friends!

C. Westhoff – 3/3/17

I had such a great experience that I have already recommended a friend, who came in and bought a grill!  I will continue to recommend Fireside in Arnold.

P. Pieper – 2/24/17

My experience was outstanding!  I will recommend Arnold Stove & Fireplace to everyone!

P. Ryan – 2/23/17

The installation team is very good!  They were very knowledgeable, cooperative, and easy to work with.  The installation team as well as the sales people are very professional!

W. Sparks – 2/22/17

Scott was very knowledgeable and courteous.  we were very satisfied with our experience and plan to refer others to your store.

William Hamilton – 2/16/17

The men who installed our fireplace were very knowledgeable and professional!  They are a great example of Fireside and all of their employees.

L. Mertens – 2/15/17

They did a great job!  I have already recommended folks to your store.

Al G. – 2/14/17

We received very good service.  I would definitely do business with Fireside again!

Paul Benz – 2/13/17

They are very efficient and did an excellent job!

Darlene P. – 2/11/17

The service guy who fixed our heater was very pleasant.  He answered all of my questions. He was very neat and cleaned up everything!  I loved working with Arnold Stove & Fireplace Center!

S. Woods – 2/10/17

We are buying a condo with a non-working gas fireplace.  A Laclede gas employee referred us to Fireside for a solution.  It was the answer that we needed!  Fireside provided an upgrade and repair.  So glad that we used Fireside in Arnold!

S. Smith – 2/10/17

“Great job!  Great service!  Friendly service!”

Mike Leeker

“My husband and I want to thank you for going “above and beyond the call of duty” to find and correct a problem that we were consistently experiencing with our Heat and Glow gas fireplace.  We are very grateful to Greg who initially listened to our description of the problem, took our complaints seriously and then informed you of the problem.  We are most grateful to you who actually took the time to plead our case to the manufacturer in a timely manner, follow through with the installation and then correct the final problem.  And we are grateful to both Scott and Dave who were able to figure out what was really going on at the very end.  You have a wonderful group of people working at Arnold Stove and Fireplace.  You really try to stand by your product as much as humanly possible.  We can’t possibly tell you how grateful we are. May your business be greatly blessed in the years to come.  We are very happy customers.”

Ed & Kay Lewandowski – 2/10/17

“There are 3 places within 10 minutes of us to buy a fire pit but NONE came close to the service and knowledge we received from Fireside Hearth & Home.  Your place is 17 miles from our home BUT well worth the drive!”

Mary Margaret Meyers-Walker – 2/10/17

Excellent service from the sales staff scheduling and installation. Scott’s work excelled my expectations.  Beautiful, describes my fireplace.

Patsy Evans – 2/10/17

The logs look great!  they fit the decor and space well.  I’m very satisfied.

Mike Millaway – 2/10/17